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Sultan and Erum Ali Khan started Swiss Cottage LLC in 2004 as a family business. The family had moved to Dubai in 2001 from London with their 2 year old daughter. They loved everything about Dubai except the fact that good breads were not readily available. In 2004, Sultan moved from a Banking profession to making fresh, healthy breads.


Having studied, lived and worked in Switzerland and England, good breads were an important part of the Ali Khan family. Sultan comes from a mix background of a Swiss Mum and Pakistani Father. He remembers his Mum baking fresh bread at home with the purest of ingredients. This is what Swiss Cottage LLC aims to bring to its customers.




1.      Why is the company called Swiss Cottage LLC?

The logo of Swiss Cottage LLC is inspired by Sultan’s grandparent’s house on Brandlisberg, nestled on the edge of the forest and overlooking the town of Thun, Switzerland.  This centuries old chalet with its surrounding fields and forests evokes memories of what is purest in nature.  The home baked bread’s aroma enticing and welcoming, full of promise for a hearty, healthy meal.  The company is hence called Swiss Cottage LLC to continue this tradition of bringing the best of nature to your doorstep.


2.      Do you do Home Delivery?

We started our home delivery service in 2004 as there were limited shopping centres in the newly developed areas of Dubai.  The home delivery service was popular and our dedicated customers were instrumental in developing our product range.  They also encouraged us to expand the delivery service to various parts of Dubai, as they shifted locations.  We were regularly recommended on various portals, including  However, the home delivery service was stopped in December 2011.  The reason being that there were now conveniently located supermarkets and stores covering the areas of our clients.  Swiss Cottage LLC now focuses solely on stocking fresh products early in the morning at a convenience store near you.


3.      Are there no preservatives in your breads?

Swiss Cottage LLC endeavours to use the purest and highest quality ingredients, to ensure the best quality and healthy products.  After all, we eat our own breads and would never settle for second best!  As an example, Swiss Cottage uses dairy butter as an ingredient in the white breads and buns.  We have continued to use dairy butter and have not used margarine, despite the economic benefits the suppliers sales staff keep extolling.  Similarly we use our best efforts to procure the purest, highest quality and freshest ingredients.  We avoid genetically modified products.  In this vein, we do not add any preservatives while making our products.  We have used the best possible packaging material to reduce the moisture and air in the packing, the two elements that promote the growth of “nature” on the breads.  To prolong the life of the breads we recommend keeping them in a dry and cool environment.


4.      Why should we eat Swiss Cottage LLC breads?

Because they are made from pure ingredients, without adding eggs, sugar, milk, colours and preservatives.  The products are baked to ensure proper crust development.  These are home made products made in the artisan fashion, not some industrial product churned out on an assembly line.  The products are developed to taste delicious in addition to being healthy and nutritious.  Finally, most importantly We eat what we bake because its simply the best!


5.      Why do the Swiss Cottage LLC breads have a short expiry?

The expiry of Swiss Cottage LLC products is short as we do not add any preservatives while making the products.  Therefore, to prolong the life of the bread we recommend that the products be stored in a cool dry place.


6.      Why are the breads not available in all the Hypermarkets?

Swiss Cottage LLC endeavours to place its products in all the hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores to ensure our fresh products are easily accessible to our customers.  However, certain hypermarkets have unfortunately taken the view to protect their in-house bakery sales and sadly have deprived the customer from the choice of Swiss Cottage LLC Products in their stores.  The anti-competitive behaviour is unbecoming their international size and stature and we hope that such anti-monopolistic practices soon become a thing of the past in Dubai.  We feel that an anti-competitive ombudsman would be a welcome addition to Dubai.  We would welcome when our customers would let their voices be heard at these stores, and they request (nay, demand!) that Swiss Cottage LLC products also be kept on their shelves.


7.      How can we make the crust hard?

Preheat the oven to 220C.  Lightly sprinkle the buns with water.  Put the buns in the pre-heated oven for 5 minutes.  Enjoy the scrumptious, crusty buns and the aroma!


8.      Can we freeze the breads?

Yes, the breads freeze well.  And you can make excellent toast or yummy crusty buns in the oven at your convenience.  The bread also keeps well in the fridge, if you are looking to consume the breads over a number of days.



Home Baked For You!
  • No Milk
  • No Sugar
  • No Eggs
  • No Added Preservatives